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Blane’s Portfolio


Florida Atlantic University, External Review: Multicultural Center, February 2015.

University of Southern California, “Our Campus Climate: Fostering an Inclusive and Diverse Community through Advising”: “Awareness: Advising Special Populations, and Diversity Issues in Advising”, May 2016.

2016 Kentucky Student Success Summit (Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education), “Moving From Diversity to Inclusion: Getting the Best Out of Your “Players”, April 2016.

University of Urbana-Champaign, “The Business Case for Diversity”, MBA Retreat, January 2016.

Oklahoma Academic Advising Association (OACADA) Keynote, “Better Together: Making Connections That Count”, February 2016.

Kent State University, “Awareness: Advising Special Populations, and Diversity Issues in Advising” May 2015.
Emporia State University, “Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice”, April 2015.

Butler Community College, “The Identity Wheel: Dimensions of Diversity”, Faculty Development, January 2015.

Manhattan Area Technical College, “Moving from Cultural Awareness to Cultural Competency”, January 2015.

Claflin University, “Proactive Advising” and “Faculty Advising”, January 2015.

Virginia Tech, “The Great Equalizer: Higher Education and First Generation Students”, November 2014.

Wayne County Community College, three presentations, October 2014.

Robert and Janice McNair Educational Foundation Conference, Workshops for High School Mentors, Asheville, North Carolina, October 2014.

Des Moines University, “OPTI-Cultural Workshops Orientation”, cultural competency workshops for medical residents, September 2014.

University of Louisville, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: We Are All Multiculturalists Now”, “Partnerships That Last: Cultivating the Potential in All Students”, and ““The Identity Wheel: Dimensions of Diversity”, September 2014.

Iowa Association of Financial Aid Administrators (IASFAA), Pre-Conference Workshop, Cultural Competency, April 2014.

2014 Kentucky Student Success Summit (Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education), “Cultivating the Potential of All Students: Proven Practices in Academic Advising”, April 2014.

Wichita State University, Community College Day, “Transfer Advising and Articulation”, March 2014.

Wichita State University, “Awareness, Knowledge, Skills, and Respect: Professionalizing Advising”, March 2014.

Richland College (Dallas), Diversity Workshops, February 2014.

Northwest Missouri State University, “Developmental Advising and Student Engagement”, January 2014.

Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, Georgia, “Working with Minority” and “First Generation Students”, November 2013.

Northeastern Illinois University, “Promising Practices and Successful Strategies for Diverse Student Populations”, July 2013.

Kansas State University/Inaugural K-State/NACADA Summer Advising Institute, “Academic Advising and the Campus Environment”, May 2013.

Northern Virginia Community College, “GPS for Success: Advising as Teaching”, April 2012.

“Beyond Ethnicity: The Meaning of Difference”, Front Range Community College, March 2013.

“Beyond Ethnicity: The Meaning of Difference”, Front Range Community College, March 2013.

“The Identity Wheel: Dimensions of Diversity”, COWY Conference, Colorado State University, March 2013.

The Colorado and Wyoming Academic Advising Association, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: We Are All Multiculturalist Now”, Denver March 2012.

Bunker Hill Community College, facilitator “LifeMap,” January 2012.

NACADA National Conference/Denver, Invited Workshop, “From Bridges to Coalitions: Narrowing the Gap Between Advisors and the Diverse At-Risk Students We Serve,” October 2011.

University of Baltimore, Advising Retreat Facilitator: “Cultivating the Potential in At-Risk Students.” October, 2011.

GateWay Community College (Phoenix), “Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Student Population,” September 2011.

Morningside College (Iowa), Keynote/Workshop for Faculty Advisor Development, August 2011.

Hillsborough Community College/Florida, “Cultural Awareness: Retention and Recruitment of Diverse Students with Emphasis on Latino(a)s,” July 2011.

NACADA National Conference/Orlando, Invited Workshop, “Academic Advising to Support the Achievement and Success of At-Risk Students,” October 2010.

NACADA National Conference/Orlando, Invited Workshop, “We Are All Multiculturalists Now: Students with Special Advising Needs,” October 2010.

Albany State University/Georgia, Faculty/Staff Training: Diversity Workshop, August 2010.

The Association of Program Administrators (APACS) for CSTEP and STEP Programs; New York State, Keynote Presentation and Workshop, “Multicultural Advising, Recruitment, and the STEM Disciplines,” June 2010.

NACADA National Conference/San Antonio, Invited Workshop, “Unfinished Business: Multiculturalism, Diversity, and the Advising Profession,” October 2009.

NACADA National Conference/Chicago: Invited Workshop, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Working with Diverse Students,” October 2008.


Wabash College (Indiana), Cultural Competency Workshops (“Training the Trainer”), September 2013.

Florida Atlantic University, External Review: Multicultural Center, February 2015.

Northern Virginia Community College, GPS for Success: Advising as teaching“, April 2012.

Bunker Hill Community College, “Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Special Populations,” November 2011.

Mansfield University, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Advising, Retention, and Diverse Student Populations,” April 2011.

Muhlenberg College, Consulting/Jump Start Program for historically marginalized populations, March 2011.

Student Conservation Association Board of Directors Meeting, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: We Are All Multiculturalists Now,” July 2010.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Consulting for School of Education, retention/advising, advising services, and communication between faculty and professional advisors, recruitment of diverse students, August 2008

University of West Georgia/Carrollton: University wide consultation of advising systems, August 2007.

Advising Consultant: Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Students, Palm Beach Community College (Florida), February 2007.

Seward Community College, Advising Consultant: Advising Diverse Students, August 2006.

Northeastern Junior College, Advising Consultant, “Retention and Recruitment of Latino(a) and African American Students,” April 2006.


Summer Institute, faculty member, St. Petersburg, Florida, August 2014.

Summer Institute, faculty member, Scottsdale, Arizona, August 2013.

Summer Institute, faculty member, Louisville and Austin, 2012.

Summer Institute, faculty member, Colorado Springs and New Orleans, 2011.

Arizona State University, Keynote: “Annual Kent M. Christiansen (KMC) Lecture,” April 2011.

The New Mexico Association of Student Affairs Professionals Symposium, Keynote Speaker, “From Bridges to Coalitions: Embracing Student Success,” November 2010.

Webinar: “Academic Advising for Student Retention and Persistence: Cultivating the Potential in At-risk Students,” December 2010

National Conference/Orlando, “Vital Signs: Native Americans and Higher Education,” October 2010.

Summer Institute, faculty member, St. Louis and Philadelphia, Summer 2010.

National Conference/San Antonio, “Vital Signs: Asian American/Pacific Island Students and Higher Education,” October 2009.

National Conference/ San Antonio: Facilitator Common Reading, “A Model of First-Generation Latino/a College Students’ Approach to Seeking Academic Information,” October 2009.

Summer Institute, faculty member, New Orleans, July 2009.

National Conference/Chicago: Panelist/Facilitator Common Reading, “The Underestimated Significance of Practitioner Knowledge in the Scholarship on Student Success,” October 2008.

National Conference/Chicago: “Vital Signs: Bi-Racial Students in Higher Education,” October 2008.

Summer Institute, Portsmouth, Virginia, faculty member, June 2008.

National Conference/Baltimore: “Vital Signs: Latino(a)s in Higher Education,” October 2007.

Summer Institute, Burlington, Vermont, faculty member, June 2007.

Webinar “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Strategies for Developing and Demonstrating Cultural Competence in Academic Advising,” June 2007.

National Conference/Indianapolis, “Vital Signs: Blacks in Higher Education,” October, 2006.

Summer Institute: Madison, Wisconsin, Faculty, July 2006.

National Conference/Las Vegas, “The Changing Face of America,” March 2005. Selected “Best of Region 10”, presentations in Denver.


Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Douglass County, “Moving Toward Cultural Competency”, November 2014.

“Multiple Identities: Exploring Who We Are”, Freshmen Orientation, University of Kansas, August 2014.

Haskell Indian Nations University (Lawrence), “Partnerships That Last: Cultivating the Potential in All Students”, August 2014.

Athlife Foundation Annual Conference, “Building Partnerships That Last: Advising & Mentoring
Students from Diverse Populations, Arlington, VA. July 2014

University of Des Moines, “Trials, Tribulations, and Celebrations: Cultural Perspectives on Health and Loss”, February 2014.

KU Libraries, Diversity Workshop Series, December-January 2013-2014.

Kauffman Foundation, Workshop, “Retention, Support, and Graduation od Diverse Students”, December 2013.
2013 Kansas Student Affairs Conference (KSAC), Keynote Speaker, ““The Great Equalizer: Equality, Equity, and Social Justice”, October 2013.

2013 Convocation, Haskell Indian Nations University, September 2013.

National Church Residences National Conference, “Recruitment and Supervision of a Diverse Staff”, September 2013.

National Church Residences, Diversity Workshop: “Building Partnerships That Last”, Columbus, Ohio, June 2013.

“Campus Day of Action for Immigration Reform”, Moderator: Panel Discussion, University of Kansas, April 2013.

“Anti-Slavery Does Not Equal Pro-Black”, Brownbag Series, Office of Multicultural Affairs, University of Kansas, April 2013.

Delta Tau Delta University of Kansas, “Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Your Responsibility to the Community”, April 2013.

“Keys to College Success”, Haskell Indian Nations University, March 2013.

“The Identity Wheel: Dimensions of Diversity”, University of Kansas HR Department, March 2013.

“Expanding Your Comfort Zone: We Are All Multiculturalists Now”, Staff Leadership Summit, University of Kansas 2013.

National Church Residences, Diversity Workshop: “Building Partnerships That Last”, Atlanta, February 2013.

Des Moines University, “Becoming the Dream: Rethinking Diversity in the 21st Century”, February 2013.

Colors of KU, Facilitator, University of Kansas, February 2013.

LEADERSHAPE, Facilitator, University of Kansas, January 2013.

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, University of Kansas, Keynote Speaker, January 2013.

Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), “Diversity in the Workforce”, November 2012.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., University of Kansas, “Power of Words”, November 2012.

PRE 101 Freshmen Seminars (multiple sections), “The History of Blacks at the University of Kansas”, November 2012.

JOUR 415 Multimedia Reporting (KU), “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Diversity and Multiculturalism”, October 2012.

Leadership Identities Conference, University of Kansas, “Intersection of Race and Class”, September 2012.

Black Leadership Symposium (High School), University of Kansas, “Race and Popular Culture: Teaching African American Leadership Styles Through Popular Music”, September 2012.

Black Leadership Symposium (High School), University of Kansas, Keynote Speaker, September 2012.

Black Student Union, University of Kansas, “The 150 Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation”, September 2012.

“Fifty Years in Fifty Minutes”, History of the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University, September 2012.
NMHC Human Resources Forum (National Multi Housing Council), “Diversity and Cultural Competence: Expanding Your Comfort Zone”, Chicago March 2012.

Rocky Mountain Research Station, “Blacks in the West”, February 2012.

Ubuntu Film Festival (African Independent Films), facilitator, February 2012.

College of Engineering Professional Leadership Institute, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: We Are All Multiculturalists Now,” February 2012.

University of Kansas, diversity presentation, “From Bridges to Coalitions: Narrowing the Gap Between Advisors and the Diverse Students We Serve,” January 2012.

University of Kansas, Martin Luther King Celebration, Keynote Speaker: “Dream into Action,” January 2012.

Denver Scholarship Foundation/Panelist, College Culture Day, “First Generation Students,” January 2012.

Hope: Reconciling, Remembering & (Re) Humanizing, Stories from Rwanda, Burundi, and the United States. Peace and Reconciliation teach-in, November 2011.

College of Engineering Professional Leadership Institute, “Power of Words,” November 2011.

The Access Center/CSU, “Unfinished Business: Diversity in Higher Education”, 9th grade campus workshop, November 2011.

ERACISM FILM SERIES: Moderator for “9500 LIBERTY,” September 2011.

Rocky Mountain Research Station, Diversity/Inclusion, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: We Are All Multiculturalists Now,” September 2011.

Gables Residential/Manager’s Meetings: “Diversity Presentation.” San Diego, Atlanta and Washington D.C. September 2011.

Gables Residential/Manager’s Meetings: “Diversity Presentation.” Austin, Dallas, Houston, Orlando, and Boca Raton, July/August 2011.

Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation, “Unfinished Business: Leveling the Playing Field in Higher Education,” May 2011.

“Si Se Puede” Conference Colorado State University, “College is Possible,” (underrepresented high school students), April 2011.

Colorado State University Greek Night Out Awards, Keynote Speaker, “Leading by Example,” April 2011.

Gables Residential/Human Resource Team, “Multicultural America: Moving from Awareness to Competency,” Boca Raton, March 2011.

Allison and Parmelee Residence Halls, “Power of Words,” April 2011.

Hinkley High School Visit (Alliance Program), Classroom Simulation/Keys to College Success, April 2011.

Denver Scholarship Foundation, Senior Bridge Day, “Keys to College Success,” April 2011.

Poudre School District, Advanced Placement (AP) History Lecture: “African American History 1865-1945,” Fort Collins High School, March, 2011.

Gables Residential/Senior Leadership Team, “Multicultural America: Moving from Awareness to Competency,” Santa Fe, March 2011.

Colorado State University Global Village (International Students), “Power of Words,” February 2011.

Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation, “Higher Education: Low Ethnical Standards,” February 2011.

Winter Staff Training, Keynote: The Significance of Student Affairs in Undergraduate Success, January 2011.

Colorado State University Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE), Keynote, “Balancing Professional and Personal lives,” January 2011.

Frontier Elementary School/Colorado Springs: Staff Development Workshop, “The Significance of Elementary Education: The Road to Higher Education,” August 2010.

Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation: “Darfur and The Lost Boys,” April 2010.

CSU Connect, Keynote, “The Keys to College Success,” April 2010.

Colorado State University Health Network, “Vital Signs: Bi-racial Students and Higher Education,” Professional Development, April 2010.

Civil War Roundtable/Fort Collins, “African Americans and the Civil War,” April 2010.

Thomas Jefferson High School/Senior Bridge Program (Denver Scholarship Foundation), Keynote Speaker, “Keys to College Success,” April 2010.

Braiden Hall Diversity Program, “Power of Words,” February 2010.
Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation: “Ethnic Cleansing: Rwanda, Burundi, and Native Americans,” January 2010.
United Men of Color (CSU), “Power of Words,” November 2009.

Colorado State University Diversity Conference, “Power of Words,” September 2009.

Diversity Programs and Services Training, “Power of Words,” August 2009.

Veterans Affairs/Denver Office, “Unity Day” Presentation, June 2009.
Division of Student Affairs/Enrollment Services (CSU), “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Working With Diverse Students,” July 2009.
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors 25th Annual Bankruptcy and Restructuring Conference, “The Business Case for Diversity: Why it is top-of-mind for Corporate America and Beyond,” Orlando, June 2009.

CSU LEADERSHAPE Conference, student leadership conference facilitator, May 2009.

Not In Our Town, panel discussion on community volunteerism, April 2009.

The Poudre River Public Library District, “Immigration in Colorado: The Historical Diversity of Colorado From Its Earliest Beginnings,” Panel Discussion, April 2009.

Nontraditional Student Services Recognition Reception: Pinnacle Honor Society, Keynote Speaker, “From Diversity to Inclusivity: Fostering the Success of Non-traditional Students,” April 2009.

Student Affairs Professional Development (CSU), “Vital Signs: Bi-racial Students and Higher Education,” March 2009.

KCSU Campus Radio Interview, “Black History Month,” February 2009.

Riffenburg Elementary School, “William the Slave,” February 2009.

KRFC Radio Interview, “Black History Month,” February 2009.

Braiden Residential Hall/Key Academic Community (CSU), “Power of Words,” February 2009.

Poudre School District Advanced Placement Students, “African American History from 1865-1930,” February 2009.
Front Range Community College, “African Americans: Things Everyone Should Know,” February 2009.

Namaqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Sunday Sermon: “The Current and Future State of Ethnic Relations,” January 2009
Johnson & Wales University, “Unfinished Business: At-Potential Students and Higher Education,” December 2008.

Reflections For Youth, “Power of Words,” December 2008.
Preston Junior High School (Ft. Collins), “Power of Words,” November 2008.

Alpha Tau Kappa Chapter (Phi Theta Kappa), Keynote Speaker Induction Ceremony, “The Paradox of Affluence,” November 2008.

CSU School of Social Work, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Diversity in the Classroom,” November 2008.

College of Business (CSU), “Diversity in the Workforce,” October 2008.

Shades of Color/Black Awareness Week (CSU), “Color Complex: Skin Color Among African Americans,” October 2008.
Colorado School of Mines, diversity presentation for engineering faculty/administration, October 2008.

Denver Scholarship Foundation, “Thriving in College: Inside the Classroom” (high school students), July 2008.

Colorado State University Counseling Center, “Power of Words,” May 2008.

Rampart High School, Workshops on inclusiveness, multiculturalism, and Black History Month, March 2008 and teacher training workshops, April 2008.

Colorado State HACU, “Vital Signs: Latino(a)s in Higher Education,” April 2008.
Western Social Science Association, Plenary Speaker: “Responsibility and Applied Social Science,” April 2008.

Johnson and Wales University, “We Are All Multiculturalists Now,” workshop for advising diverse populations, March 2008.

Peak Alternative School, “Power of Words,” diversity and language presentation, March 2008.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation Loveland, three presentations on immigration, political, and economic realities of minorities in the U.S., February 2008.

“Shades of Promise,” cultural exchange collaboration with South Carolina State University, Program Coordinator, 2008-2009.

Front Range Community College, Keynote Speaker, Teaching and Learning Conference, “Multiculturalism in Higher Education,” February 2008.

Longmont Public Library, “William: The Life of a Slave,” February 2008.

CU-Denver, “Multiculturalism on College Campuses,” faculty/advisor training, June 2007.

CESDA Conference/Vail, “New Beginnings: Multiculturalism in the 21st Century,” May 2007.

RMACAC Spring Conference (Denver), Advising Diverse Students, April 2007.

Federal Heritage Festival, keynote, “Racial Identity,” April 2007.

CSU PRIDE Weekend, keynote, “Keys to College Success,” 2004-2007, 2009 and 2010.

Colorado State University, “Offensive Words through Images,” February 2007.

The Colorado Association of High School Counselors and Admissions Representatives, “We Are All Multiculturalists Now,” December 2006.

CSU Diversity Conference, “Diversity in the Workforce,” October 2006.

CSU Cooperative Extension, “Expanding Your Comfort Zone: We are all Multiculturalists Now,” September 2006.

Council for Opportunity in Education (National Trio Programs). Denver Conference, “From Bridges to Coalitions: The Keys to Student Success,” February 2006.

Front Range Community College, Black History Month, “Righteous Discontent: Unknown Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement,” February 2006.
Anheuser Busch Ft. Collins, Diversity Training, February 2006.
Smoky Hill High School (Aurora, Colorado). World Awareness Week, Keynote Speaker “In Your Own Interest,” February 2006.

Ft. Collins Martin Luther King, Jr. March, Keynote Speaker “Rise Up: You are the Dream,” January 2006.
Ft. Collins Historical Society, “Blacks in 20th Century Los Angeles and Denver: A Comparison of Institution Building,” January 2006.

Council for Opportunity in Education (National Trio Programs), Presentations in Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. “Advising At Risk Students.”

Diversity Training for Foothills Gateway, “Relating to Diverse Clientele,” January 2005.
CU Boulder Sewall Hall Learning Community, “Blacks in the West,” February 2005.

Colorado High School Leadership Conference, Keynote Speaker, “Leadership and Community,” February 2005.
Front Range Community College, “The Harlem Renaissance,” February 2005.

Project TEACH, Training for five Colorado School Districts to be inclusive in teaching American and Colorado History, Summer 2003 and 2005.

Poudre School District, “William the Slave,” 250 presentations 1991-2005.

Rocky Mountain and Poudre High Schools, “Black History Month,” February 2005.

CSU Diversity Conference, “Vital Signs: Blacks in Higher Education,” September 2005.

CSU Diversity Summit, “Changing Face of America,” September 2004.

St. Lawrence and Clarkson Universities McNair Program, “Leadership and Community,” July 2004.

Rocky Mountain McNair Conference Keynote Address, “Responsibilities of Scholarship,” April 2004.

National Latino Law Student Conference, Panel Discussion: Building Allies, October 2004.

PRIDE Weekend (Diverse students at CSU), “Keys to Academic Success,” 2001-2005.

City of Ft. Collins Human Rights Protection Ordinance Task Force, Spring 2004.

CSU International House, “What is an American?” November 2004.

MI RACE (Student Organization), “Interracial Relationships and Marriage,” April 2004.

Martin Luther King Day presentation for University Village, January 2004.

Martin Luther King Day presentation for Our Savior Lutheran Church, “Martin and Malcolm,” January 2004.

CSU Police Department Diversity Training, January 2004.

Ft. Collins Rotary Club, “Blacks in the Military,” March 2004.

National Resource Research Center, “The Origins of Slavery,” March 2004.

Front Range Community College, “The History of Black Music: From Spirituals to Motown,” March 2004.